Paisà Network

With a new post-pandemic awareness, people want to be able to change their lives. Just see the growth of the real estate market in the suburbs, looking for places where the balance of culture, nature and healthy living can be found.

That’s where we come in.

Some Paisà Opportunities

Business sponsorship

From food & beverage to interior design products

Technical sponsorship

Propertech, IoT technologies, network systems

Sponsorship of specific initiatives

Social projects or innovative programs

Sponsorship of services

For our sponsorship services

Pricing agreement

Agreements with organizations interested in planning activities

Discount Codes

To offer to your employees or customers network

Organizing initiatives

In the locations of our network

Co-branding activities

With strategic alliances to support products and services



You can contribute and be part of the most revolutionary project of the century in the world of work and accommodation. In the development plan of Paisà we welcome private investors and companies from all over the world.






The welfare offer provided to the staff has been stagnant for a long time, often oriented to physical health and economic benefits. We felt the need to change this trend by offering access to a new concept of welfare: a path of growth and well-being through work-life experiences.

Paisà presents to all companies a unique offer, with experience packages oriented to wellness and work-life balance, in a perfectly designed and organized environment.


Paisà opens its doors to all the organizations that firmly believe in its success, with the opportunity to contribute by bringing value with a sponsorship.

We can offer dedicated events to our future sponsors, exclusive visibility and experience packages in the locations of the Paisà network.




Do you like the format of Paisà Living and would you like to collaborate?

Would your company and your network of clients like to visit the Paisà locations?